James | Mac

For most of my early life, everyone called me “Mac”, a nickname from my last name. My family called me “Mac” from the very beginning.

In 1996, I got my first computer job working ten hours a week as a Macintosh support flunkie at Client Services at The University of Memphis. I was a graduate student in Music (capital “M”) at the time, but the computers seemed like more fun.

Can you imagine how annoying it is to be “The Mac Guy Named Mac?”

“Oh, that’s funny!”

time for a change

So when I got my second computer job working at FedEx, I started going by “James”, which is my real given first name. That’s the name you probably call me if you’ve worked with me since 1997.

I get called “Jim” sometimes, but since that’s my Dad, it doesn’t really feel right. I guess “James” seems a little formal to some people, but that’s OK. Talk to me for five minutes and tell me if I seem formal to you.

not picky

So if you’re used to calling me one and are surprised to hear that I’m called the other, now you know why.

It doesn’t matter; they’re both fine with me.

I feel better having cleared all that up.