I had some free time today. “Kiddo, I know you like those video game tracks we listen to in the car, I bet I could make one.

Roland FANTOM-07 Firmware Update

If you have a Roland FANTOM-07, and you’d like to update the firmware (a.k.a. FANTOM-06/07/08 SYSTEM PROGRAM) as documented on the Roland support site, I have one tip that I’d like to share:

This Is Relaxing?

If you had told half-my-age-ago me that I would: Voluntarily sit down at a keyboard Turn on a metronome Play fingering exercises up and down an octave Progressing chromatically With both hands BECAUSE IT IS RELAXING That guy would have had a hard time believing it.

Simon Fresh

Simon and I have a lot of fun with GarageBand, because music should be fun and not a lot of fussy work.