Let's Try Hugo

What if I could just edit a text file and have it statically rendered into a web page without having to think about it too much?

I found myself in the market for this, and I think Hugo has a few good things going on.

  • It just needs a static web server between me and you
  • It builds pages super fast
  • Everything is on my computer (in git)
  • There are a lot of themes to try and learn from
    • Mainroad is pretty to my eye, full-featured, and seems like it’s alive
  • I like to write things in Markdown
  • I don’t want to deal with PHP if I can help it
  • No one reads this site anyway

So here’s a Hugo version of my esteemed web property. I took some time during the great not-going-anywhere of 2020 and converted a selection of old posts from Wordpress to Markdown. Then sat on it until July 2023 because no one reads this site anyway.

We’ll see how it goes.