Apple Store: “Unngh”

This is what Apple gets for releasing a sweet new Mac mini on iPhone 4 Pre-Order Day.  The throngs are clogging up the tubes and the iProducts are not moving.

Can’t pre-order an iPhone 4 from the Apple Store, AT&T, or on the new Apple Store iOS App. The dorks (like me) are awake, and they are hungry for Meat.  I suspect the conference bridge, already hopping overnight, is about to turn seriously Thunderdome ugly.

A First World Problem of the highest order.

AT&T 3G in Austin

All the hipsters showed up in Austin and their iPhone 3G onslaught made the AT&T 3G network kinda sorry.  They’re going to add capacity so you can TwitterBookSpaceFlickr some more.

Fact is, I was in Austin not long ago, a solo pseudo-hipster with only one iPhone 3G, and the AT&T 3G network was already kinda sorry.  I’ll be back in a few days for the real music experience, and I hope AT&T leaves all the trailers and duct tape and hamsters running on exercise wheels in place so I can reap the benefits.

It’s a shame that Steve has been in Austin for two SXSW happenings and I haven’t insisted that we go.  I definitely think it would be a lot of fun.  It’s obviously an educational experience.