Nite Rida Burglarized!

Saturday night, someone(s) went on a spree down my street and apparently tried opening every unlocked car door. My neighbor has one less GPS and my fresh ride now has a hole in the dash where the stereo used to be.

A few notes for the jackass perpetrator of this heinous deed:

  1. The stereo you stole is an Aiwa CDC-MP3, from probably early 2000. It reads and displays ID3v1 tags from MP3 files on discs, but doesn’t read the far superior ID3v2 tags. HAHA THE JOKE’S ON YOU, PUNK!
  2. I had a $10 Malco gift card I won at work sitting right under the stereo. You could’ve gone to the movies for free. Be more thorough, take pride in your work.
  3. The cruelest part: That stereo contained my Failsafe Emergency CD: “Al Green – Greatest Hits.” Reverend Green may pray for your soul, but I will never forgive this. Burn.

I usually lock my doors, but it only takes once.