WordPress 3.0.1

One of the nice things about being off work for a few days is not feeling guilty spending time tinkering on non-work stuff.

So here’s WordPress 3.0.1, which didn’t break anything, and seems pretty nice, and comes with a default theme that I think is better than other (free) themes I’ve tried in the past.

I really appreciate not having to maintain my own PHP. WordPress is good.

Not really new

Since moving to WordPress, it looks like I have totally new thing going here, and boy howdy, the world sure does need another barely used WordPress install sitting around.

I’ve had a blog or something like it running here since the end of 2000.  I wrote 285 entries between then and November 2008.  That was a previous life, as far as I’m concerned, so I’m not very interested in scraping together anything to bulk import those stories into WordPress.

However, it’s possible that there are a few news items from days of yore which I’d like to rise from the ashes.  If and when that happens, I’ll use that shiny Category feature to mark them accordingly.

I used to really enjoy writing here.

Here, new.

This is WordPress, and say what you will about sprawling out of control PHP, it’s worlds better than the homespun sprawling out of control PHP that I started this site with in 2001. I like it.

I’m still trying to decide what to do with styling and how to integrate other non-WordPress bits that I want to keep and grow, but this is a start.

Update: and I can write things from muh iPhone!